Student Loan Help From The Government?

Student Loan Help From The Government?

The newest trending debt in America: student loans, that currently clutter most newspapers and websites.  It is an inevitable burden that college students accept as a price for their education, but is being slowly lifted.  Student loans has become a government issue in the executive and judicial branch.  President Obama has implemented a plan where there is a ten percent cap on the amount students have to pay their student loans at a time as a part of his new program P.A.Y.E (Pay As You Earn).  Courts have also opened their doors to this issue, allowing private student loan debt to submitted as a form of bankruptcy and understandably so.  Seven percent of “young adult households” have over fifty-thousand dollars in debt, which is currently higher than the unemployment percentage in America.  The help has come not a moment too soon for these young adults barely out of their teens, drowning in debt and unsure how to stay afloat.

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